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Bottled Water Dispensers

  • 1
  • Re-usable bottles
  • High quality bottled water
  • EcoCooler
  • B2B, Indoor

Point-Of-Use Dispensers


  • Unlimitted water supply, Economic
  • High quality filtration
  • EcoCooler 
  • B2B, Horeca, Public, Indoor, Outdoor

Flavoured Dispensers


  • Flavoured water (lemon,...)
  • Maximum performance & Hygiene
  • EcoCooler
  • B2B, Horeca, Public, Indoor

Coffee Machines

  • 1
  •  Robust & Very Performant Machines
  • High quality filtration & Hygiene
  • Sustainable
  • B2B, Horeca, Indoor

Purity & Sustainabilty

Plastic waste reduction

Each year, AQUA VITAL makes profound environmental contributions by delivering over 20 million liters of water through its dispensers. Through this initiative, both AQUA VITAL and its dedicated clients have annually reduced plastic waste, effectively eliminating the need for more than 60.000.000 standard 33 cl bottles.

Don't recycle, refill

AQUA VITAL's point-of-use (POU) dispensers are the forefront of sustainable hydration solutions. Upholding the principle "Don't Recycle, Refill", these dispensers source water directly from the tap, minimising waste. To ensure unparalleled water quality, advanced filtration methods are employed, completed by state-of-the-art sanitization systems such as UV light.

Re-usable bottles & recycling

Our 18.9L bottles exemplify our commitment to sustainability. Operating within a deposit system, each bottle is meticulously collected from our clients after use. They are sanitized to the highest standards and refilled, undergoing this eco-friendly cycle up to 70 times. By ensuring that each bottle is recycled at the end of its lifecycle, AQUA VITAL actively contributes to reducing waste and promoting a greener future.

Quality water & hydration

Proper hydration is not just beneficial - it's essential for our bodies to operate optimally. Our mission is to champion healthier lifestyle through constant hydration in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we emphasize the unparalleled quality of our water, partnering with leading brands renowned for advanced filtration and sanitization. Our aspiration? To deliver the purest water experience to you. 

They Trust Us

9.000 + businesses have entrusted AQUA VITAL as their preferred partner for sustainable drinking solutions.

Join us on this journey towards a more eco-friendly future.

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